While the days of spending more time at home may be over, and many people have returned to the office and normal daily activities, home redecorating is still on many homeowners’ minds.  Simple home improvement projects have the combined benefit of creating a renewed space that can cure “cabin fever” and can also be good for your home’s property value. You don’t even need to hire a contractor to get started on these projects that can change your home’s look, even during a weekend. 

Get painting, in a creative way

While painting your home to give it a new look is an obvious choice, you can save yourself time and go for a creative change by painting targeted areas of your home instead of all of it. You can select one wall in your home, such as in a living room or your kitchen, to be an accent wall. This accent wall could be painted in shades of green or blue, and some homeowners are even using on-trend wallpaper to create an accent wall. Other options for painting are giving your front door a refresh, such as by painting it in red, black, or blue. Removing cabinet doors and painting them is another option for a fresh update. 

Replace knobs and fixtures

If you want to give your kitchen and bathroom a quick update, you can remove old knobs and fixtures and replace them with new ones. Updated handles for drawers and cabinet pulls can revive your storage areas, even without painting them. Old fixtures can be removed and new ones added, often just with a screwdriver, meaning this is the kind of project that you could easily get done in a day. 

Reassess your lighting

Adding light to a home can make it seem like a new space, and you can start by removing heavy drapes and replacing them with blinds. Swapping out overhead lighting for new shades, such as in bamboo, or with pendant lights, can also create a refresh. In the kitchen, under-cabinet lighting and using white if repainting can also help add more light. Bringing plants into your home to take advantage of this new lighting can also add refreshed energy, and as a bonus, you’ll have decorative details without a big investment.

Give your curb appeal some TLC

Real estate agents who are advising sellers about how to make their homes more appealing to buyers talk a lot about curb appeal — that is how the outside of a home looks and can attract buyers, even from off the street. The first step to improving curb appeal is to trim shrubs, pull weeds, and mow the lawn if you have one. Once the debris is cleared, then you can start adding elements like potted plants by your front door, fresh mulch or rocks to cover up bare areas on your lawn, and even new paving stones and solar lights to guide the way on the front path leading to your front door. Adding color to the outside of your home is a simple way to increase your home’s property value and boost curb appeal.

If your home is in need of a refresh, try some of these projects and see how a few small changes can make a big difference.

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