As warm weather returns, many of us are happy to say goodbye to cold grey skies and welcome the return of outdoor living. Patio restaurants, park days, and even just evening strolls make life a little more varied and bright. When it comes to entertaining and having people over to your home, a backyard oasis really makes the experience complete, whether you’re eating dinner on the patio or relaxing with delicious beverages by the fire. If you’re hankering for a home project, here are some backyard upgrades that will offer you great options for entertaining. If you’re also selling a house this summer, they can be attractive draws for potential buyers as well.

Flocking to the Firepit

On the HomeLight’s Q1 2021 Survey of Real Estate Agents, the top feature for backyard entertaining is to add a firepit. Making a firepit special really comes with the seating options, since most fire pits will have accompanying benches or couches. Whether you opt for a permanent fire pit structure or a movable fire pit, you can get many of the benefits of having people over for an evening bonfire; choose based on what looks best and fits your needs. There is something about gathering by the fireside that feels comfortable and homey, and children love the interactivity of roasting a marshmallow or two for s’mores. 

Outdoor Living Rooms and Kitchens

A big source of entertaining comfort is the move to bring the comfort of indoors into your outdoor space. Gone are a couple of weather-beaten chairs and a rusted-out grill: many people are considering outdoor kitchens with built-in grills and storage space for creating outdoor meals and memories all summer long. The outdoor living room styles available bring a wonderful combination of weather resistance with the plush comforts of indoors: often, an outdoor living room will feature an excellent weatherproof area rug, a sturdy coffee table, and of course, comfortable seating. 

Don’t Forget Lighting!

Another feature that is worth putting some special attention into is your outdoor lighting. When the party goes later in the evening, it’s easy for the time to slip away and all of a sudden the sun is completely down. Recessed lighting, track lighting that is adjusted to the backyard’s needs, or even string lights that add a soft glow all make it possible to use your backyard even after dark. Another nice touch are lanterns of various kinds, making the lighting adjustable based on how many lanterns you like and also giving a beautiful ambiance.

Your guests this summer will benefit from the facelift that you give your backyard space, making it possible to really enjoy all that the good weather has to offer for parties and cookouts. However, some of these features may also be particularly helpful if you are selling your house and buying another this summer, giving you a nice form of backyard staging that helps your potential buyers see everything they’ll be able to do with the space themselves. A backyard upgrade this year is really a win-win. 

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