Gary Keller recently took back over the role as CEO of Keller Williams. If you are not familiar with Gary Keller, he and Joe Williams founded Keller Williams which has become the largest residential real estate brokerage in the world. Keller is also a best selling author with his most known book being “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”. Given Gary Keller recently took the reins of Keller Williams over after Ex-Keller Williams CEO John Davis’s resignation, which has become a somewhat controversial discussion this month, I decided to start reading “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”. 

As I’ve read through the book there are a lot of important takeaways for any business such as build a process, believe in it, and execute it. He also talks about knowing your financial models and understand that you must lead with revenue meaning put your most focus on growing revenue. You must keep operating expenses in check but no amount of savings in operating expenses will grow your business if you don’t have revenues. However, there was one piece of advice that resonated most with me – hire a licensed assistant (read: hire a licensed transaction coordinator).  As the Founder and CEO of, I’ve spent a lot of time preaching this same message but let me share for a second Gary Keller’s words with me taking the liberty of replacing the word(s) assistant or licensed assistant with the words licensed transaction coordinator in their place. 

  1. A licensed transaction coordinator allows an agent to focus on lead generation by having the business knowledge, experience, and the ability to do other tasks
  2. A licensed transaction coordinator has already made a career decision to be in real estate
  3. A licensed transaction coordinator understands the commission business
  4. A licensed transaction coordinator is already trained in the busines
Gary Keller - Millionaire Real Estate Agent

As I go out and champion this same message to real estate agents, brokers, vendors, investors, or really anyone who will listen I also add that a licensed transaction coordinator is legally able to do much more than an unlicensed assistant or unlicensed transaction coordinator. As one example, a licensed transaction coordinator can help put together a residential purchase agreement while an unlicensed individual would be breaking the law and would be placing your license in jeopardy if they were doing this at your direction.

So, if you are a real estate agent or a broker and you are ready to take your business to the next level, listen to Gary Keller – hire a licensed transaction coordinator. And when you hire your transaction coordinator, hire Offer To Close.

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