Property Developer Inspecting ModelWhen you’re in the process of buying a home, it is better for you to err on the side of caution. It isn’t just because you may be spending more than half of your life’s earnings on a house—it’s also that you and your family will spend a major chunk of your lives in that home.

Here are some things you need to look for in a house before you make the decision to purchase it.

The roof

Even before you step foot in a house, take a good look at the roof. Inspect the condition of the material and see if it can withstand wind, hail, rain, or snow. Also, check whether the roof has been newly replaced or if it seems to cave in.

Any signs of dampness

If you find an area that seems damp or pick up a mold scent around the house, then you can be sure that the house has a leak somewhere and careful concentration needs to be given to the drains. If you see damp areas or smell something foul, then there is probably a broken pipe somewhere. The mold accompanying a damp area may also prove harmful to your health.

The building structure

You need to inspect whether the house is built in a solid manner and is structurally sound. Look for big cracks in the walls, especially where the extensions join, such as the end of terrace walls, windows, and the top edges of the rooms.

Turn on the faucets

Although changing the faucets is not a big deal nor is it painstaking, changing them will be an added investment. Even if you are repairing the faucets yourself, you will need to invest your time and energy, which is often frustrating.

Is the HVAC system in good condition? Also be sure to check the pipes (which should not be lead) and whether the water heater works properly (and its age). If the water heater is situated on the roof, it may have to be replaced.

Check the water

Even if you live in a city where there is a strict maintenance of the water pipelines, you still need to be careful of the water. This part is more concentrated on the pipeline that goes to your house. If you feel that the water tastes funny, then you will need to look for another house or install a water filter.

The power points

Make sure that the house does not have any dodgy wiring, because not only can rewiring the entire house be time-consuming, but living in a house with bad wiring can be dangerous. Do take a look at the fuse box which is often an indication of the state of the wiring. If the wiring is messy or you find loose wires that do not connect to anything, that might be a red flag.

Before you buy your home, please check all these items off your list. Do not just take the realtor’s, inspector’s, or seller’s word for it. You are allowed to make a careful inspection of your potential purchase.

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