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An entire array of players populates the real estate arena, including home inspectorsappraiserscontractorsproperty managers, government agencies, mortgage loan officers, bankers, and of course the sellers and prospective buyers.
But the ones who work the most on every transaction are those who bring all the others together: brokers and real estate agents.
A good real estate agent takes on a different role for each part of the transaction. They have to be a buyer’s advocate, a salesperson, a business manager, a negotiator, an analyst, a consultant, a marketer, and various others. Therefore, a successful agent needs to possess a variety of outstanding qualities.

1. Problem Solving

Most successful real estate agents have the ability to come up with creative methods to attract buyers, from MLS listings and showcasing a house in a more marketable manner.

2. Self-motivation

Real estate agents should have an entrepreneurial mindset and be able to drive their own destiny. A successful career as an agent in the real estate business requires them to have an intrinsic drive to succeed, tons of self-motivation, and the ability to make smart decisions.

3. Integrity

A good reputation is essential for a successful career as a real estate agent. Joining the National Association of REALTORs is a great way to establish trust with clients, as agents are required to pledge to a strict ethical code.

4. Detail-Oriented

Having an eye for detail is an unstated requirement for a career in real estate. Good real estate agents are able to pay attention to every detail of their clients’ needs. Whether they are helping to buy or sell a house, real estate agents who are paying attention to details will land better deals.

5. Tenacity

To become a highly productive agent, there has to be a sense of “hustle” from within. A great work ethic, combined with dedication and a tenacious attitude, will pay dividends. Hard work will definitely pay off because clients are constantly on the lookout for real estate agents who will be on their toes for them.

6. Interest in Homes

Real estate agents who genuinely have an interest in the building and design of houses tend to have an innate advantage over their competition. It will also help them enlist more clients if it is abundantly clear that the real estate agents know what they are talking about.

7. Welcoming Personality

Good real estate agents don’t just sell properties, they also put themselves out in front of everyone. They have to be confident in their capabilities, honest, personable and have a great attitude towards their work.

8. Knowledgeable

Great real estate agents are constantly learning and are up to date with all advancements and news in their business and the market. Constantly innovating their approach and strategies to fit the current situation will allow real estate agents to gain superiority over others.

9. Experience

A good agent buys and sells more homes in a year than most people will do in their lifetime. With that many transactions, a real estate agent also deals with nearly every complication you could imagine occurring in a typical real estate transaction.
Real estate is not so different from other professions and requires dedication, passion, and a healthy investment of hard work and time.

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